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Hello and thank you for visiting No Excuse Girl.  I have a stressful full time job. I have a relationship I have committed my life to. I have real life problems just like everyone else. I am not special.

We all have millions of excuses. I am over 30 now. Not even 10 years ago, I used to eat pizza for breakfast, ice cream for lunch, and cake for dinner and still was thinner than I am now.

I want to be a no excuse girl. I will have no excuses when it comes to my health and fitness. I want my body to match my heart and mind on the outside! Anyone can say they are beautiful on the inside. I say prove it with hard work, dedication, and discipline.

I hope you will travel with me on the path to sustainable fitness. No gimmicks. No magic diet pills. No diets where you lose weight, then you quit and gain it all back and more.

No excuses.

Let’s share our fitness journey together.  Feel free to comment on my blog for questions or requests.  You can also visit my Contact Page to send me an email regarding questions or business inquiries.

-No Excuse Girl

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